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Bubble Puff™ All Natural Ergonomic Cuddle Pillow

Bubble Puff™ All Natural Ergonomic Cuddle Pillow

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The wait is over. Hiamom Bubble Puff™ Cuddle Pillow is the most versatile, mid-sized pregnancy pillow available anywhere! Carefully designed to relieve concentrated pain areas, the bubble puff™ pillow can transform its shape from a "puff" to a "bubble" by combining the two ends of the pillow. Watch the video here. Use it as back cushion, or place it on your lap to prop up your book or laptop, or slide it underneath your legs to relieve tension or swelling. The possibilities are endless! 

• Perfect mid-size leaves enough room on the bed for your loved ones

• Lightweight and flexible, it is easy to move around with this pillow around you

• Did we mention it is filled with 100% wool and covered in organic cotton covers? 

• Plus the cover is removable and machine washable too

How to use

• Put one end of the pillow in between legs, the other end under lower-belly to support belly-leg alignment

• Alternatively, connect the two ends of the pillow by snapping the buttons to create a "bubble" shape. Use as back support or prop up upper body


• Organic cotton muslin cover, no harmful pesticides or chemicals, suitable for sensitive skin

• Length: 25 inches


• Outer cover is machine washable and dry-able. Machine wash cold, low temperature tumble dry

• Do not wash the wool or the inner cover

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