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Hiamom Crescent™ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Hiamom Crescent™ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Why You'll Love It

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to comfort with Hiamom's 100% cotton maternity body pillow. Our Crescent™ full body pregnancy pillow is our customer-favorite for a reason (or many reasons!):
  • Made with premium 100% long staple cotton that is known for its breathability, softness, durability, and hypoallergenic properties
  • Ergonomic design promotes relaxation and reduces discomfort during all stages of pregnancy
  • Natural, renewable, environmental friendly, good for you, baby, and the planet 
  • Easy clean with removable cover and zipper closure, cover is wash washable and dry-able. 

How To Use

• Place one end of the pillow beneath your head to enjoy its plush comfort, and snug the other end between your knees. This smart design effectively relieves tension in the hip area. For added support and relaxation, rest your ankles and feet on the pillow's extended tail, adjusting it to your preference

• Thanks to its unique curved design, this pillow is perfect for side-sleepers. It naturally conforms to your body as you embrace it during sleep, ensuring the utmost comfort and a restful night's rest

• Whether you're in your early trimesters or nearing the final stretch, this pillow is a versatile companion. It provides excellent support for sleeping and relaxation

Build Quality

• The Hiamom Crescent™ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is made of three parts:

1. an inner pillow generously filled with cotton that creates a medium to firm loft that supports your body

2. an inside cover made with 100% cotton

3. a super soft outer made with 100% cotton, available in multiple colors for your choice, and can be taken off through zipper closure for easy cleaning

• Measures 55 inches long and 6-7 inches in loft


• Outer cover is machine washable and dry-able. Machine wash cold, low temperature tumble dry

• Do not wash inside pillow

Shipping & Return

• Flat shipping rate within the contiguous US

• Return eligible items within 14 days of receiving an order

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